Everest will transform the way you think about your business.

Chiropractors provide the best healthcare solution in the world, and yet we struggle to communicate value to people who just don’t “get” it. The fact is, people need your help. Will you rise to the challenge?

Running a practice is a matter of “know how” — it is not just a state of mind.

We teach you how to organize your operations, and how to demonstrate VALUE in what you have to offer. On top of that, we offer an engaging community presence with hundreds of chiropractors who share solutions from their real-world experience, on a daily basis. The struggle is real, but you are not alone.

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We offer network support via access to our active online forum. Doctors share their most pressing questions and challenges, as they come up in their day-to-day operations. We work together, find solutions, and learn from each other’s experiences.

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In this Foundations course, our coaches explain Everest Methodology, then break into groups for demonstrations, drills & one-on-one role playing exercises. Everest doctors walk out with scripts they can use on Monday morning.

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Everest online course offerings feature access to a library of videos, support calls, members only webinars, a private online forum with Dan, Barry, industry experts & other Everest doctors.

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Meet the Everest Coaches, Dr. Barry Anderson & Dr. Daniel Bai

Dan & Barry each grew their own million dollar practices by developing methods to systematize chiropractic communication. Their mission is to empower you, by teaching you the strategies that have worked for them, as they continue their decades of successful business.